Six Strategies to Win the Interview.

By Ron Goldson on 10th October 2019

Interviews can be an exciting and stressful time. Below are a few strategies to help you make the most of the opportunity.


  1. Arrive early.
    Humans are notorious for underestimating how long it takes to complete a task and arriving late to an interview can jeopardize a great opportunity. A good rule of thumb is to add 50% more to your estimated travel time. For example, if you estimate it will take an hour to get there, plan for an hour and a half commute.
  2. Study the company.
    There is a lot of information available online that can help you be better prepared. Recent articles, LinkedIn profiles, and annual reports are a good source of background information. You can also find out past interview questions and other tips from Glassdoor.
  3. Your resume and the job description.
    If you’re like most people, you probably can’t remember what you had for lunch two weeks ago so it’s a good idea to brush up on your past accomplishments. Look at the job description for clues to which technical skills or competencies are required and try to draw parallels by sharing relevant examples.  Also, use the STAR approach for answering behavioural questions.


  1. Body language
    How you deliver your story is just as important as the story itself. Smiling and making regular eye contact conveys honesty and a pleasant demeanor. Things like sitting up straight and a strong handshake shows confidence and high self-esteem.
  2. Ask questions
    Before the interview, think about asking questions that will help you better understand the role and the company. Some of our favorites are; what would you like to accomplish in the next three to six months? Tell me about the history of growth of the company. How will you measure success in this position?
  3. Tell them you want the job.
    Candidates often assume that showing up for an interview shows that they are interested in the job. In a hot job market, employers are aware candidates are interviewing at multiple places and want to know candidates want their job above others. For an added advantage, tell the interview if offered the job, you would sign immediately.