Three Recruitment Trends to Keep an Eye On.

By Ron Goldson on 10th October 2019

Most conversations at the 2017 ACSESS conference seemed to address a somewhat predictable promise: that technology is going to completely reinvent recruitment for organizations and staffing firms alike. The rise of the sharing economy, the prevalence of mobile applications and the sudden significance of the gig economy have already disrupted many industries, and it’s fair to say that the recruitment industry could be next.

It only makes sense that many startups are seeing the very traditional process of recruitment as an untapped opportunity.

Below are a few examples of industry trends (and the tech companies that are helping to facilitate them) that will make you question if how we recruit today will remain constant in tomorrow’s economy.

Moving from referrals to multi-platform global searches

In the past, discovering the best talent meant asking your current staff “Who do you know?”, because referrals were a quick way of finding someone who met your needs. Today, we freely post information about ourselves online on multiple social media platforms, making it easier and faster to find pertinent candidate information.

Check outHiringSolved is a people aggregator that gathers data from across the web to source the perfect candidate in seconds (in essence, it does the referring for you).

Using predictive writing tools to help facilitate job descriptions

The shift to a candidate-driven market has organizations rethinking how they market their job descriptions. For example, what words can subconsciously affect a candidate’s decision to apply to a posting, both negatively or positively? Overall, how can I be smarter about the language I’m using to attract candidates?

Check out: Texito is an augmented writing platform that learns how to craft an ideal job listing. It analyzes the hiring outcomes of millions of job postings every month to predict how your posting will perform in the market.

Replacing live phone screens with AI powered chatbots

Organizations rely on people to conduct phone screens, and it’s difficult to imagine such a core process of recruitment changing. But improvements in chatbots have the potential to innovate the pre-screening process to the point of potentially eliminating live phone screens.

Check out: JabaTalks is a screening software that can automate your phone screen process, eliminating the hassle of email, phone calls and scheduling conflicts.

These are just a handful of new technologies that give us a glimpse of the future of recruitment. Disruptions will challenge how we view recruitment. Are you ready to embrace it?